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Villa Nao – Monteregie, Quebec


Sometimes we wake up with it: that craving for adventure and nature. We decide to ride. We leave behind the city and our urban stressful lives and, as new landscapes unfold, we have the impression that we are finally able to breath. Upon our arrival, the unknown and the familiar blend into a unique sensation of discovery. Welcome to Villa Nao, a Balinese villa, nestled in the heart of the Quebec wilderness.


Villa Nao offers a unique accommodation concept: auberge, boutique and spa. Hidden near the Noire River, in the village of Roxton Fall, in Monteregie region, at only one hour and a half drive from Montreal, the place charms its guests with 7 beautiful rooms and suites, with names evoking Bali’s top attractions like ULUWATU, PADANG or UBUD. The choice is really difficult!


For the adventurous kind and for a deeper connexion with the surrounding nature, you can equally sleep in a beautifully decorated tipi (with no neighbours!).


The Café Nao Restaurant comes with a balanced, healthy and locavore menu. The restaurant sources all products from the near-by farms and small producers like Cochons tout ronds, for their amazing pork specialities, the Boulangerie bio Artisanale, for fresh bread or the Fromagerie Nouvelle-France, for an amazing selection of cheese.

We wanted to create a space that is completely in synch with who we are and our values…

…told us Dominique and Vincent, the two owners of the space and experienced globetrotters. Inspired by their travels to Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia, Villa Nao is the product of their wanderlust and their passion for yoga, meditation, eco-friendly products, design and art. As a result of their collaboration with the artist and designer Joel Dumas, the villa displays an impressive collection of more than 200 pieces of art coming straight from Bali.


Equally imagined as an inspiring and restorative place, Villa Nao offers the access to a beautiful yoga studio, looking out onto the river, and all the SPA service one needs, inside and outside the villa. To ensure the quietness of the place, the property doesn’t accept more than 18 people, for an intimate experience and an enhanced  community feeling. You will probably find yourself chatting with one of the visitors while watching the bonfire and the starts at night.


To us, Villa Nao is a project that is into a constant evolution…

Between yoga retreats, workout trainings in the woods or new space ideas, these two entrepreneurs’ vision is fuelled by creativity. One thing is for sure: we’re looking forward for what’s next!

Information and booking : Villa Nao       


Credits: Vinil Photography, Livia Posteuca and Laure Juilliard

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