Slow Travelers : Pauline and Mickael, the creative duo behind the project, “Un Cercle”

Un Cercle Montreal

The idea of  Un Cercle was born in Western Canada. “We had a little camera and we didn’t know exactly how to use it but we loved the results. This encouraged us to keep taking pictures”, relate Pauline and Mickaël, the French Montreal based couple.

At the beginning, Un Cercle was just a personal travel log but it  evolved into a creative portfolio. “It’s a guide and a travel journal at the same time. We  offer the visual story of our travels and of the people we meet along the way”, tells us Pauline, “our mission is to help travelers discover unexpected, off of the beaten tracks places, through inspiring pictures.”  Dark, elegant with a dreamlike look and feel, Un Cercle narrrates travel experiences, set up in Nordic, remote landscapes with grey skies, surrounded by a grandiose nature.

Coffee Shop Montreal

You live in…Montreal.

Your job…
Founders of the project, “Un Cercle”.

Why did you choose this name for your blog?
Pauline Barré
: Un Cercle, stands for a group of friends, travelers and foodies. The Cercle means unity and togetherness. It’s also a reference to our symbiosis. We do everything together, from photo selection to editing. Mike is very creative and technology oriented: he will read the camera manual from beginning until the end and will explain to me all the details afterwards.

Mickaël Samama : Yes, in a way, I streamline the most important information. Pauline has very interesting photo and art direction, always very poetic and sensitive whereas I like everything that is perfectly sized, neat, with a clear focus.

Un cercle site de voyage montreal

First travel memory 

P.B.: When I was little, I was hiking in the Alps with my mom. This is where I first saw “La Mer de Glace”. Today, there is almost nothing left. Climate change is real!

M.S. : Every year, I was spending my holidays in Haute-Savoie, in Valloire, a well-known sky resort in the Alps. We were hiking for 7 to 8h every day. I remember the lakes but especially, remember the eagles and I, being so frighten of them.

Islande Un Cercle

Most recent holiday destination…

Iceland. With the exception of Reykjavik and a couple of larger cities where you have a little collection of nice hotels, we mostly slept in guesthouses. You can also camp. We need to book your accomodation and buy groceries in advance as you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. The Icelandic people don’t like to build new places, they usually settle in old houses and stay away from hotel chains project. They are very happy with small places, geothermal energy is highly developed and everything is locally sourced. Almost everywhere water smells sulfur because everything comes straight from the underground.
Islande un cercle 2Islande un cercle 1

While traveling, you enjoy listening to…

It depends on the places we visit. Most recently, we listen to the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. Music inspires our next travels and fuels our imagination, especially when it comes to video creation.

If you had a sabbatical year…
: Travel even more! I would quit my current job to completely dedicate myself to this project: create travel logs, interview travelers, scan all our travel souvenirs (tickets, local business cards, Polaroid pictures, etc.)

M.S. : Build a mobile app or something in parallel with this project. And be fully involved in what we are currently doing.

Best travel advice…
Wake up early, sleep late: make the most of your time.

coucher de soleil un cercle

Places where you like to eat…
: Mama’s Fish House in Maui, Hawai. I have never eaten so well in my life! The name of the fisherman was indicated on the menu and yes, I’ve never tasted a fish so fresh.

M.S. : Lac Agnès Tea House, in Western Canada, a sort of rescue center with breathtaking views, whose staff works, cooks and sleeps there. I have a very beautiful memory of this place.

restaurant Mama Fish House hawaii

Most recent slow travel “crush”…
L’Auberge Carpe Diem in Charlevoix. We arrived late at night, and there was a little handwritten welcome card waiting for us. Hold by a sweet hippie couple, it’s a typical Quebec rustic guesthouse, with a fireplace, cracking wood floor and cats everywhere. You have the feeling that time just stops when you are there.

Auberge Carpe Diem Charlevoix

Next travel destination…
 : Japan. I’ve always been fascinated by the story of this dog, named Hachikō who, for 10 years waited every morning and afternoon the retourn of his beloved owner who sadly never came back. I am dreaming abut visiting his statue.

M.S. : Cuba and its Casa Particular, Yellowstone Park, and lots of natural parks in the US.

Best Eco Park USA

A fashion item, always in your suitcase…
 : Our snickers. I always wear my Adidas Superstar.

M.S. : I wear Nike Flyknit Chukka. This pair has travelled the world and it shows.

adidas superstar un cercle

Best travel partners…

We travel well together as we are not afraid to ride and hike for very long hours.

carnet de voyage un cercle montreal

Photo credits: Un Cercle

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