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Best Jobbers Slow Journeys

Elisa and Max can inspire everyone with their profound passion for off the beaten tracks travels. These professional globe trotters, launched their website Best Jobers, after the unforgettable experience of being the winners and ambassadors of the Best Job in the World contest, organised by Tourism Australia in 2013. Ever since, they have been traveling and sharing their passion for the beauty of nature and the outdoors, through stupendous images. We met them in Montreal, the perfect occasion to chat about the best “slow” things to do in Norway.

Norway in three words…
Nature. Spectacular. Avant-gardist.

The easiest way to get around…
Weather you travel by train, plane or by car, everything is easily accessible in Norway and meets everyone’s taste. We particularly enjoyed our boat trip on the board of the Express Cotier (Hurtigruten), sailing the country coast and its beautiful natural scenery, winter or summer time. It serves fishing harbours from Bergen village in the Southwest and Kirkenes in the North end, next to Russia.

BestJobbers- Slow Jpurneys - road-trip-norvege

A “slow” place to spend the night…
Everyone has to try the life in the typical red traditional fisherman cabin. Facing waters, surrounded by nature and calm, it’s a bliss! We really enjoyed North Cape Cabin at Skipfjorden, 20 minutes from the famous North Cape, the most Nordic region in Europe. The perfect place to start exploring the fantastic surroundings at your own pace.

Best Jobbers la Norvège Slow Journeys-1

Best Jobbers- Slow Journeys- road-trip-norvege-2

Best Jobbers Slow Journeys road-trip-norvege-3

A restaurant…
We lived an amazing slow food experience at Trasti & Trine, a dogsledding, dining and accommodation in the magnificent Finnmark landscape. With the helpful instructions of chef Johnny, and his team, we gladly took an active part in preparing a  gastronomic dinner, made of local and seasonal products, only.  Such a memorable evening! A beautiful destination and an enriching local experience with Norwegians inhabitants, to remember!

Best Jobbers Slow Journeys trasti-trine-road-trip-norvege

Have a drink…
Our trip was oriented towards hiking activities so we didn’t have the chance to visit the trendy urban cities. Nevertheless, we particularly enjoyed Hildr Gastro Bar located in Tromso, the Artic capital, that offers a large diversity of nice coffee shops and foodie venues. The restaurant has an authentic vibe, with locally sourced and home-made dishes.

Sights we should not miss…
There are so many…We have to say that the classic destination of the Reine village, nestled in the magnificent Lofoten Islands is a must see. We visited it both in summer and winter time and the scenery is breathtaking.

Best Jobbers - Slow Journeys village de Reine-iles Lofoten

The best travel souvenir to bring back in your suitcase…
Definitively, a wool sweater, very warm, cute and a must-have item during the winter time.

A little piece of advice you would like to add…
You have to see the Aurora Borealis during winter, it’s an unforgettable feeling; and sail around the fjords, to observe the whales, which is one of the best memories of our trip. This country is so different from one season to another and has so many new things to discover that we’ve never got tired of exploring it!

BestJobbers-Slow Journeys - road-trip Norvège

Best Jobbers Slow Journeys - road trip Norvège

Credits: Best Jobers

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