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ATELIER 78 Vanessa Pilon

A few weeks ago we wrote about the beautiful collaboration between DOYLE x Vanessa Pilon. It was an ideal occasion for us to spend a little bit more time with our favorite blondie and chat about her favorite addresses in Stockholm and her favourite pieces, always in her suitcase suitcase. This resulted into a foodie and design Stockholm city guide. Enjoy the ride!

What are you favourite « slow » places in Stockholm?

GRO. It’s a tiny restaurant hidden in a former bakery, serving a menu based on locally sourced products and organic vegetables. I had a delicious vegetarian 5 courses dinner, with revisited typical Swedish dishes, prepared with a classic and minimal twist. It’s very laid back and friendly and I had a great chat with the owners as well. My advice: book in advance.

gro restaurant stockholm

FLYING ELK is the sister restaurant of the gastronomic venue, Frantzen. The food is sophisticated as the menu has been imagined by the very well know chef, Björn Frantzen. They serve classic English pub style plates and the surrounding ambiance is quite festive.

MARIE LAVEAU. One of the most well known nightlife venues in Stockholm, with a fancy bar on the ground floor and a popular club in the basement, entertained by great DJs.

SNICKARBACKEN 7.  A beautiful hidden gem perfect for Fika: the Sweedish coffee break. The coffee shop is equally a shop and an art gallery where you can find a beautiful curation of beautifully designed objects.

bonnes adresses stockholm

GRANDPA.  It’s a multi-brand shop with a great selection of clothes, shoes, jewellery and vintage and design pieces. Often, you can enjoy DJs and live music.

FOTOGRAFISKA. Located in an industrial building from 1906, Fotografiska is a fantastic photo exhibition space. Its coffee shop, located on the first floor offers a great water view.

SKANSEN. An open air museum. If you don’t have the time to visit a Swedish village, this huge space will give you a great impression of the life in the woods. A quiet break from the city centre.

vanessa voyage

How would you define the Swedish style?

Dark, elegant and timeless. They have a true sense of style which is colourful and refined at the same time. The sensitivity to beauty is their second nature and design is present in every single detail of the public space. Nothing is left to chance.


What about their lifestyle ?

At first, I felt that Swedish people were a bit distant and less show-off in comparison with Latin people but they are actually very funny with a dry wit, authentic and open minded. I admire their cold-blooded attitude and their self-control. Parents are really calm: I’ve never seen kids so well behaved! I love fika, their coffee time break during the daytime. It’s a beautiful tradition. They enjoy taking their time more than other countries in Europe.

Always in your suitcase…

I always carry lavender essential oils. It makes a hotel room a bit friendlier, helps me sleep in the plane and repels insects. I love to travel light, so I choose products that fulfill more than one task: I use a sensitive skin soap both for my face and body and coconut oil to remove my make-up and hydrate my body.

Peshtemal etsy

Your favourite fashion piece when you travel…

The peshtemal: a light Turkish towel I use on every occasion. It’s a scarf, a blanket, a beach dress, a handbag, a picnic tablecloth. The most multifunctional item in my suitcase.


Photo credits : GroThe Flying ElkMarie Laveau, Snickarbacken7, Fotografiska, Vanessa Pilon, Grandpa et etsy.

The Atelier 78 – the Stockholm edition is available at Doyle. For every Atelier 78 frame sold, $10 are given to the Charles-Bruneau Heart Centre Foundation.

English translation of the article written by Laure. 

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