Slow Traveler: Nathalie Rozborski, Deputy CEO at the trend forecasting agency, NellyRodi

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At only 32 years old, Nathalie Rozborski becomes Deputy Assistant Director General of the trend forecast agency, NellyRodi in Paris. We had the chance to meet and chat with this wonderful, visionary and sensitive woman about her slow life habits and slow travel tips and tricks.

When did you notice the rise of the slow life trend?
At NellyRodi, we’ve been analyzing this trend for the last five years. It’s a trend that touches a lot of areas: food, fashion, beauty, how we work and how we travel! It’s a counter reaction to our fast-paced world and daily information overload…we all need to slow down, press the “stop” button and relax.

You have a successful professional life, you are a young mother, a lover, a friend, a Parisian and a frequent traveler…Do you embrace the slow life values? How do you find balance and quality time in your day-to-day life?
It’s funny because motherhood, instead of becoming an additional responsibility allowed me to focus on what’s important and leave aside everything that makes our everyday lives too overwhelming or complicated. I embrace the slow life rhythm whenever I have the occasion though great food, yoga practices, mediation and Bodyballet classes with Tatiana Gerassimato, former ballerina at the national Dance School of the Bolchoï Theatre from Minsk. Working on your posture and improving your flexibility are the main objectives of this practice inspired by classic dance. I also delegate as much as I can. Letting go is my life mantra.

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What are your favourite “slow” Parisians places?
Always start your week-end with breakfast at Claus on Jean-Jacques Rousseau street!

slow journeys_nathalie rozborski_nelly rodi_claus parisI also use a lot of online services that make my life easier. I use food home delivery apps like La Belle Vie and Frichti, Simone app for nail care and The Reporthair app for hair styling. They all offer great effortless services delivered to your door. I really enjoy the comfort of my own house to relax and have things done. You also need to try  Oh My Cream, a must-try “slow” beauty product line.

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What is your main criteria when choosing your weekend getaways? And the faraway travels?
For faraway holidays, my most important criteria are novelty. I never go back to a place I visited. For weekend getaway, I look carefully at the services offered by the hotel; if they have a pool, SPA services or beautiful natural surroundings…all the ingredients necessary to find your balance. Splendia, with their inspiring luxury hotel selection and special offers, allows me to confirm my choices, the result of online and social media research.

What was your most unforgettable travel experience? 
With no hesitation, I have to say it’s Jamaica. I’ve never seen such a beautiful and luxurious nature. One of my favourite hidden gems is Tensing Pen Hotel with its amazing bungalows nestled in the jungle and facing the sea. I also enjoyed Isla Holbox in Mexico. The island is breathtaking.

Tensing Pen Hotel Slow Journeys Jamaica Negril

What are your favourite items always in your suitcase?
I travel light so my essentials items are sunscreen creams, bathing suits (like the ones from Yasmine Eslami) and a couple of books. During my travels, I try to stay away from my smartphones and any social media activity.

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What is your next travel destination?
Probably Florida. I’ve already been there and I am excited to drive along the Keys, taste a Key lime pie and sleep at Simonton Court guest house.

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Text adapted into English from the French version written by Laure Z.

Credits:,,,, Le Studyo SARL

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