Slow traveler : Geneviève Brousseau Provencher, Co-Founder of Dose

Genevieve Brousseau Provencher Dose Juice Montreal

You live in…


Your job…

I am the co-founder of Dose, a raw and certified organic cold pressed juice company.

jus bios dose montreal

First travel memory 

I am in the Louisiana bayou, holding a baby crocodile in my arms. I am probably six years old. Most of my first travel memories are built around encounters with different animals and my interactions with them.

An unforgettable moment…

When I first saw the mask of Toutankhamon in Cairo. This historical object, coming from such a different and mysterious culture, fascinated me.

Most recent holiday destination…

Last September, I went horseback riding in Western Canada with Banff trail riders. I had my horse for the entire weekend and we rode for 5 hours every day to finally arrive at Sundance Lodge, nestled in the middle of the forest. The place is unreachable by car and there is no WiFi. I loved it!

Best travel advice…

Try to find a “local guy”! He will impartially recommend you the best restaurant in the area.

Most recent “slow” travel crush…

Without any doubt : the Sundance Lodge in Banff. I would equally mention the Wanderlust yoga festival in Mont-Tremblant.

wanderlust mont tremblant

If you had a sabbatical year…

I would volunteer for a couple of months in Bornéo rainforest, the sanctuary of the orangutan. Afterwards, I would teach English in Africa. I already volunteered as  gym trainer in a disadvantaged school in Costa Rica. I really enjoyed this way of traveling. You discover countrys from a different angle.

Next travel destination…

A long weekend in Charlevoix at Villa Boréale. Their Instagram account is very inspiring !

villa boreale charlevoix

Photo credits : Dose, MOJALVO, Villa Boréale.

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