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Ana is an Argentinean born Montrealer with a passion for creativity, design, travel and vivid intellectual conversations. Years back, while she was leafing through a magazine, she fell in love with Patricia Urquiola’s armchair design which inspired her to quit her job and go to design school. Today, she is at the head of a worldwide design association. “The design principle I love the most is less is more. I strive to apply it to my work, my life and especially my travels”, relates Ana. An interview about the love of exploration, inspiring places, friendship and all the magic that comes with this mix.

I live in…

Your job
I work for the International Council of Design, an INGO that represents the design profession.

First travel memory
My first real trip was when I was 16. My mother took me to Europe as a graduation present and Rome was a revelation for me. The beauty, the warmth of the people, all the laughter and great food. That was it. The travel bug took me.

Ana Masut Slow Journeys

Most recent holiday destination
The beautiful and laid back, Isla Holbox in the Yucatan area of Mexico. The island is small and has no cars. Transportation is in golf carts! There are no large resorts, only “palapas” and little boutique style hotels. This place has, until now, remained off the beaten path so it is still empty and charming.

Mexico Isla Holbox Slow Journeys Magazine

Mexico Isla Holbox Slow Journeys Magazine

Most recent slow travel “crush”…
Copenhagen: a perfect mix of art, design and people that believe in humanity and equitable way of living. I am deeply in love with that city. The Danes take their enjoyment of life seriously. And everything, from the furniture to the food, to the cobblestones are assembled with care and quality.

Danish National Maritime Museum_Slow Journeys

Favourite eco-design hotels
I really enjoyed my stay at Mango Bay Resort in Vietnam, located on Phu Quoc island. I was there last year, in November and there were rumours of a second resort opening in Sri Lanka some time soon.

Mango Bay Resort Slow Journeys Magazine

Mango Bay Resort Slow Journeys Magazine

While traveling, you enjoy listening to
My thoughts. One of the greatest things about separating myself from technology is letting myself get lost in my head. I love bus and train rides where you can just watch the world go by and daydream for hours.

Best travel advice
Listen to your gut! Sometimes places just call you, and when they do, there is magic waiting.

Places where you like to eat
In Montreal, Foxy is my recent favourite. It’s dark and sexy and the food is healthy and delicious. I am also a huge fan of Ice House for their Tex-Mex tacos and bourbon lemonade in the summer.


In Copenhagen, my soulmate city, I love Bistro Royal and their new sister restaurant, Alabama Social with food inspired by several Southern American states.

Bistro Royal Copenhagen Slow Journeys

If you are traveling to Vietnam, I recommend you the Cục Gạch Quán restaurant, a beautiful renovated old villa with exquisite food, located in Ho Chi Min City. When I travel, I like to stay away from fancy places and eat like a local. I had my best papaya salad, served from a little cart in Ao Nang in Thailand and the best mole of my life in Puerto Escondido in Mexico in a no-name empty local venue.

A fashion item, always in your suitcase
Lately a pair of Melissa by Karl Lagerfeld for Mary Janes. They are chic and waterproof. They have waded through the mud in Vietnam, kept my feet dry in Turin and completed my outfit at a Michelin star dinner in Copenhagen.

Melissa by Karl Lagerfeld for Mary Janes_Slow_Journeys

Best travel partner
My best friend. She makes me laugh like nobody. We like the same things, so there is never any disagreement about what to do. She’s chill but a very skilful negotiator: very useful with unscrupulous tourist operators!

If you had a sabbatical year…
Start a travel business and write a book. The truth is I’ve started both. I just need more time.

Next destination…
Lately what is calling me is Sri Lanka. That’s my next “me” trip.



Photo credits: Ana Masut, Marc-Olivier BécotteDomus, Foxy Montreal, Bistro Royal Copenhagen, Melissa Mary Janes, Pascal Mannaerts.

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