From Sydney to India with <3

When an Australian brand partners up with Indian craftsmen and women to create unique accessories pieces, we could only fall in love with the result. A touch of bohemian spirit, a strong Australian vibe with some humour here and there blend into very special collections. From St Xavier brand has its roots in Sidney and its heart in the north of India and each crafted piece has its very own journey.

Glamour gives back.

While bringing a very neat aesthetic to the table, From St Xavier works semi-precious stones, natural metals and leverage hand beading techniques to create modern and hippy chic accessories. Fun and socially conscious, the label employs North Indian workers under very strict ethical industry standards, making sure to empower communities and sponsor local craftsmanship. That means that we can feed our crave for fashion while giving back and supporting ancient know-how.

From St Xavier x Slow Journeys

The accessory brand incarnates very well the boho-chic movement by combining a relaxed Australian vibe with community empowerment. Faithful to their passion for vintage, some pieces look like they’ve just travelled from the 70’s. It feels that any bag, any jewelry could give a new (social-conscious and exciting) life to your current wardrobe. And we all know the struggle when it comes to finding socially conscious and glamorous accessories to follow you around!

What to pick?

Every piece is unique but our favourite ones are definitely their clutches displaying big, funny quotes. They will instantly turn any outfit into a hippy dream. Oh and one last thing… while gaining momentum the brand is still pretty confidential… making it even more appealing for “slow” fashionistas :-).

Where to buy?

We told you the brand is still confidential but some pretty cool websites are featuring the label and Asos and Nasty Gal are among them.

More information:

From St Xavier x Slow Journeys

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