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Packing might be a headache. Or it might not. Let’s be honest here. An upcoming travel is exciting while packing can truly be a test for your patience. Knowing the feeling? Good. Welcome in our world. Putting together a fashionable, affordable yet light suitcase is quite a challenge. Higher difficulty if you are willing to be environmentally conscious while keeping up with your love affair for creative and inspiring objects.

“We make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment” these are not some Beyonce’s lyrics. It’s Reformation’s tagline, a fashion brand that have built a killer DNA over dramatic clothes.

Slow Journeys Magazine Reformation

Eco-fashion can be eye-friendly

Born in 2009 in L.A, the brand has been founded by Yael Aflalo with an appealing purpose:

It is our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

In other words, you won’t have to sacrifice any more your style for eco-design and sustainable clothes.

Reformation is THE go-to brand. With an incredibly neat aesthetic and authentic storytelling, it’s the perfect destination to find that perfect dress that will follow you from the beach, to the bar. The brand’s philosophy is quite the opposite of the fast fashion industry: all pieces are limited editions while between this beautiful dress inception and its production, only one month has passed.

Slow Journeys Reformation

The magic is in the cycle of production

Collections are created, designed and produced in L.A. Fabrics are either sustainable, vintage or deadstock which means that every dress has its own unique story to tell.

Inspiring you think? The factories use green building infrastructures and eco-social technologies to ensure the most sustainable production. Cherry on top of the sundae, 75% of employees are women. Innovative while feminine and yet very cool, it feels like Ref has truly understood what people were looking for.

Slow Journeys Magazine Reformation

Our favorite piece?

Erm hard to tell… You literally want everything from the simple off-the-shoulder dress to these perfectly-cut shirts that will take you from the office to your next journey to the south.

That being said I had to make a (hard) choice for my friend’s south of France wedding at the end of the month. The Julieta dress has been my pick: bohemian, feminine and gracefully refined this dress fits perfectly my boho attitude along with the bright mediterranean  colors.

Slow Journeys Reformation

Where to find Reformation?

Online of course. The brand has a free worldwide delivery policy. Which means that now your biggest challenge is to make a choice among their vast cool and beautiful selection on their website and while you’re here go check their Tumblr out which is full of inspiration.

Slow Journeys Reformation

Slow Journeys Reformation

Credits: Reformation

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