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    The Minimalist Directory, a stylish slow fashion destination


    When we heard about an online store that curates slow fashion with the sleek aesthetic and values we relate to, our curiosity could only be triggered. When we learnt that the two founders of The Minimalist Directory were from Montreal, our hometown, with two intriguing backgrounds, we could only be inspired. Some stories are truly empowering. Vanessa and Sarah’s are one of them. We met with these two ladies and talked about life decisions, career paths, creativity process and obviously,…

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  • Suitcase

    From Sydney to India with <3

    When an Australian brand partners up with Indian craftsmen and women to create unique accessories pieces, we could only fall in love with the result. A touch of bohemian spirit, a…

  • Patika x Slow Journeys

    A clean and iconic glow with Patyka

    A sensorial experience that is nice to you, your skin and your peers (a.k.a the planet) this is all we ask for when it comes to skincare. Organic skincare is a…

  • Suitcase

    Eco-Glam is in the air

    Packing might be a headache. Or it might not. Let’s be honest here. An upcoming travel is exciting while packing can truly be a test for your patience. Knowing the feeling?…