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Take it slow

We are a travel lifestyle magazine that seeks to inspire a community of epicureans, looking for eco-design and remarkable, off the beaten tracks places. Devoted to people who see travel as a state of mind, as part of who they are, we offer an unique take on familiar or new destinations that unfold through wonderful landscapes, local culture and personal experiences of fascinating people.

The founders

Livia is a passionate digital marketing director in Montreal based, digital agency, a fine epicurean & experienced globetrotter. Her journey has started in Bucharest, continued in Lyon and Paris and then Montreal. Her life path has not only allowed her to invest in her own creativity but has given her a unique edge when understanding and adapting to cultural diversity.


“Travelling never lets you down. It makes you grow, gives you purpose and unexpected points of view.”

When she is not travelling, you can always find her reading a good book, immersed into digital and society trends or, naturally, surrounded by friends, for a good laugh. She always has a good story, often involving baby ducks, guinea pigs or outrageously small dogs.

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laure juilliard slow journeys

Laure, a born and raised Parisian, developed a deep romance with Montreal where she has evolved into an experienced, appreciated copywriter and lifestyle journalist/blogger. With a large number of articles for Elle QuebecMontreal Tourism,Huffington Post Québec StyleAir Transat and Une Parisienne à Montreal, her personal, successful foodie blog, Laure is passionate about food, art, design and she loves recommending you the best places to discover in Canada and around the world.

“I am driven by curiosity and I live every new destination with excitement, light and open hearted.”

When she is not writing or travelling, Laure can be found tasting a good coffee, in the newest restaurants in Montreal or experiencing new underground arty places.

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The contributors

Sarah Duvivier, blogger.
Blandine Myard, blogger.
Mah Sissoko, blogger and photographer.
Laure Zglinski, blogger.
Diane Martin-Graser, blogger and photographer.
Claire Leraudat, blogger.

A little bit about our editorial policy and terms of use

All photos and words by Livia and Laure, unless otherwise noted. You can use our content, on the condition of clearly indicating the name of the author and linking it to our website.

We are two Francophones living in Montreal so we are committed to always offer a French and English adaptation for every original story we publish; it comes very naturally, as we travel together for all our original stories. We also curate places and brands, we are inspired by, at our own pace so these articles will not always have a bilingual version.

If you need more information or if you have any suggestions, tell us everything here.


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