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A sensorial experience that is nice to you, your skin and your peers (a.k.a the planet) this is all we ask for when it comes to skincare. Organic skincare is a trend and major industrials are currently invading the market segment. But some brands have been here for a while and Patyka is one of them. The luxury skincare house offers perfection in a bottle (and for your skin) with purely organic ingredients, a hint of legend and a strong expertise backed by a long history of scientific research.

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The legend is in the bottle

Sometimes it takes time for exceptional products to be recognized. The iconic product l’Huile Absolue story was launched in 1922, when a young Hungarian pharmacist moved to Paris. Inspired by the city effervescence and creativity, he translated his love for Parisian women into a formula that would illuminate and regenerate their skin.

Decades later, Patyka scientists recreated the formula and developed a luxurious range of certified organic skincare products. Each formula is the result of highly selected active organic ingredients supported by innovative biotechnologies. I will spare you the impressive never-ending brand’s engagement list but one of them stands out: they do not test their ingredients on animals.

Clean, iconic and effective, each product is the promise of a multi sensorial beauty ritual that will help you feel good in your skin and in sync with the environment.

Our favourites
This is so personal, we all have very unique needs. However, when in doubt I would suggest to go for the classics. I personally treat my skin and indulge myself with the all-time favorite Huile absolue.

Where to buy Patyka
Patience is a virtue so you might want to take advantage of your next slow trip in the US…

Patyka x Slow Journeys

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